è un punto di arrivo.
Acquaementa is a point of arrival, the final and fatal destination that took us out of our cities and then totally conquered us with its discrete charm and the disarming simplicity of perfumes and smells, senses most often overlooked, and this in a strict connection with the mild climate that, proceeding from the sea, manages to affect the area.
In fact, the presence of the sea in the area (dating back to 6 millions years) is still deeply felt and evident in the rocks and in the land in which it is easy to find shell fossils of all kind. The surroundings of the Po river are also witness to a prehistoric site placed between the Monferrato hills and the Alps.
Here in what has been called the "Riviera del Monferrato" a unique microclimate makes citrus blossom, palm trees grow, as very rarely the external temperature is below zero.
It was in 2006 that a house of a decadent charm surrounded by a large meadow of wild mint was handed over to us by the last heir of a family that, generation after generation, had inhabited it for almost two centuries, taking care of all the aspects and problems connected both with the house and with the land.
And we like to think that all this has now become the legacy to the new family of people that, wanting to spend time in this place, have learned and will learn to love it.